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Watch What The Kids Are Doing – Bill Waytena Founder/CEO-Telesocial

Earlier this week, I went to a school meeting with parents in my daughter’s 5th grade class. As it turns out, some of the parents were giddy talking about how their kids are coming home from school and joining Google Hangout sessions with their school friends.

There are about 14 kids from my daughter’s class that do this on a regular basis (4 boys, 10 girls…4 very smart boys!). What is fascinating is that the kids will leave their Google Hangout sessions open while they read, do homework, chat, or go about their nightly routine.

As they work, the conversations continue in the background and kids seamlessly move in and out of the Hangout sessions. The parents occasionally pop into the room and the video chat session to let all know that there is supervision.

Imagine that! Kids today are ushering in yet another paradigm for using social networks and technology. While this behavior is adopted by the younger generation, we know that eventually it will work its way into everyone’s lives such that we will all have ongoing video sessions on our screens while we go about our daily lives.

Source: TeleSocial Blog