marketing integrated
with technology.

A tribute to creativity, culture and art

Created under the direction of Manuel Mas, boss of top class Finca La Anita winery and developed by fresco, we introduce Varua magazine.

Designed to tribute the most finest world of culture and art, «Varua in the Polynesian languages is soul, spirit and dream, says Manuel Mas-, arising from the pursuit of good wines to relate with the other pleasures of life, such as music, literature, thoughts and senses.

The Varúa creational process took six months, from a giant newspaper B&W plenty of sketches of many artists to the final form, a pocket magazine illustrated with a selected paint on his cover in every issue.

With four issues per year from 2007, Varúa offers in its first special issue a note writed by Ernesto Schoo of Columbus bedroom secrets, experiences of the masterchef Francis Mallmann, a self-portrait of Guillermo Roux, and many other notes about wine, music, characters and images.

Varúa is an exceptional piece of art, impossible to create without the vision of one man who allowed to develop this product as a contribution to tribute the creativity.

With the same passion in 2008, he choose the brand of this own magazine to create the top of the line wine of Finca la Anita, with no more than 1500 bottles per vintage of outstanding quality.