marketing integrated
with technology.


Automated Testing & QA

We utilize a number of automated testing platforms to constantly run through your application to test for “broken” functionality. This allows us to narrow down our testing to only the more behavioral/human oriented issues that tend to be related more to the way the site is used rather than its ability to perform the required functions. In addition to these measures, we have a dedicated team that takes the role of your end-users and performs visual and functional testing.



User feedback management

You need to shape your product around your customers faster and more efficiently than ever before. We build a series of different mechanisms that allow us to collect user feedback from various channels, and incorporate them into our product development cycles. We also use Twitter, forums, getstatisfaction/uservoice, the blogosphere and other channels to search for feedback on your product, respond to your customers, and engage with them to get to the root of every issue.



Deployment & Server Setup

The time has come! We’ll carefully deploy your application from the development server to the staging and live servers, and configure the technologies used in developing your product. The staging server allows you to see the site in an environment identical to your live server so we can all play around with it and make sure it’s all good to go before taking it live. Depending on your expected traffic, we will advise you on a hosting partner that best fits your needs.



Performance Optimization

Page load times and efficient use of server resources take very high priority for us. Most firms leave this as the last step, but we like to analyze our technical and design decisions through this
lens at every milestone to make sure we don’t rack up high server costs or disappoint your users with slow load times



Benchmarking & Scalability

Once your application is about to reach the alpha stage, we start performing a series of benchmarking tests to check against the hypothetical usage numbers that we used to design your application. We usually put the application under a series of stress tests to see how it will perform given the proper hardware resources. Based upon the results, we tweak your application to become as fast as it can be.



Front-end (UI) Development
This is where the mockups and wireframes come to life. Back-end, please meet the front-end (user interface). It’s time to integrate! In addition to building a quick, simple and intuitive interface, we get serious about clean markup, OOCSS, and programmatic design, and we have SEO in mind the entire time. We’re also big fans of the jQuery JS library, which powers most of our fancy




3rd Party Integration

We have built and interfaced with plenty of APIs and applications to integrate value-added technology and content partners for our clients. We’ll also work with you to identify qualified 3rd party vendors, and work out favorable licensing deals as quickly as possible. In addition to being well-versed in Facebook, Twitter, iOS and Android applications, WordPress plugins and standalone widgets, we can pick up new APIs and languages in a snap.



Back-end Development

Our back-end development teams usually work in a series of small, specialized groups. We have an interdisciplinary approach that requires our developers to be involved in the product planning phases and collaborate with the design and usability team, end-users, and the client to make sure the technological decisions reflect your path of growth. If you tend to be more technical than the average, you’ll enjoy our transparency in our development process.