marketing integrated
with technology.

A digital story of denim development

Kosiuko grew out in Buenos Aires in the mid-90, as a home project to manufacture and sell clothing, but when Britney Spears appeared in his music video «Overprotected» with jeans Kosiuko, despite having nocontractual relationship with them, the business took off as a rocket.

Federico Bonomi, its creator, choose the brand name by chance: spinning a globeterra, your fingers stopped in Australia, on a hill called Kosiusco, As it sounded without power, Federico changed letters creating the famous trademark today present in more than twenty countries, U.S. and Europe.
Now with a hyper positioned trademark, the diversification was the next step: from glasses, to perfumes and deodorants, an electronic music label (KSK Records), an FM radio (KSK101.9), and a bar in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Kosiuko asked fresco to help them define their web presence.
We started with a site audit of all current functionalities and requirements. A big network site like Kosiuko and his brands has lots of requirements to keep in mind while designing, but the real challenge was to be innovative within the confines of the specific business requirements laid out for us by Kosiuko. It was anything but a blank slate.

Features and functionality matrix
Once all the preliminary research was done, we documented every desired feature and component proposed for the redesign. Features were ranked by user importance and business importance and grouped into appropriate phases. Is a feature appropriate for phase 1? Is it better slotted for a phase 2 release? Decisions here were greatly assisted with guidance from the Kosiuko team.

The Kosiuko brand consist of simple shapes, diferent types and transparency elements which needed to be enhanced and integrated throughout the visual experience of the site. Fresco worked closely with Kosiuko during the design stage to ensure the brand identity of the site was consistent with all offline elements as well. Kosiuko and Fresco met up periodically during this phase, face-to-face, to guarantee all business goals were met and every pixel was accounted for in the final design.

Fresco worked closely with Kosiuko’s development team in order to bring the initiative to life. Because the front-end is composed of several interwoven components, Fresco took special care to clearly communicate with Kosiuko about all the relevant functionality.

An effective search tool is especially important on a content-heavy site like, and Fresco took on the task of researching Search Engine technologies like SOLR and Google Custom Search to find the best fit. After thorough investigation, Fresco provided Kosiuko with detailed documentation and flowcharts about how to implement the final chosen GCS product. Fresco optimized the site’s architecture with SEO in mind, using proven techniques that have increased visibility for all our sites.

The Result
The site was launched but we expected that the decisions helps the site become the primary destination for the millions of fans who love the Kosiuko cloth. Working with Kosiuko was a great learning experience as well. For one, we greatly improved our approach to evaluating and analyzing user data which greatly impacts the overall strategy and approach.