marketing integrated
with technology.

About Us

fresco is focused on helping clients successfully implement strategy and technology solutions to meet their business objectives. With time-proven methodologies and tools, our experts will understand your objectives and requirements, assemble a team with the right skill set for the projects, design and build a solution, test it thoroughly, and deliver the results.

Fresco is a fully integrated marketing and technology company, with offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, providing all the services of a Marketing agency, Technology development, Media and PR agency around the world.

We are adept at delivering marketing campaigns and strategies across all channels‚ both online and offline‚ including‚ but not restricted to Technology and Media.

Our team is comprised of an amalgam of specialists with talents stretching across the disciplines of strategic planning, user experience design, software engineering, information architecture, project management, and beyond – however everyone here shares a passion for the highest standards of quality and an unquenchable thirst for innovation. We only recruit the best talent, and constantly fuel ongoing learning and personal development among our team. It’s our philosophy that a culture of innovation coupled with continuous skill building will yield the highest caliber of work possible. We are certainly not stuffy nosed ‘know it all’ marketers who talk a great fight‚ armed with fancy presentations‚ and equally no concept of delivering effective marketing on time‚ budget and importantly with results, we prefer speak in numbers.

Over our five years history we have worked hard to attract regional‚ national and global clients. We are certainly not glory hunters‚ though we are passionate and excited at the opportunity to help develop ambitious SME’s and regional clients as we are with the big brands.

Campaigns are fluid, dynamic, and accompanied by quantifiable results and our understanding of technology is enough to make your current agency quiver in fear. If you want high-performance marketing, you’re in the right place.

We believe that great software is realized through collaboration of truly dedicated individuals. We’re proud to work with some of the brightest minds in the world and thrive on influences from around the globe to search for the best talent and most challenging projects. If you think along these lines, we’d love to hear for you.